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Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Safe Glow UL listed exit signs are code compliant, use no electricity or batteries, and require no replacement parts or maintenance. Replacing an LED exit sign with a Safe Glow® exit sign will save you at least $50 per year, per exit sign, over the 25 year life of the sign (that’s 25 x $50 = $1,250 per sign). Use it in new construction, and you’ll save even more by eliminating the need for dedicated conduit, wire, junction boxes and labor! Energy efficient rebates and LEED points are also available.


Photoluminescent Emergency Lighting

Non-electrical emergency lighting is one of our most Innovative products. Simply place 2 - 4 photoluminescent bars inside of a fluorescent fixture and you’ll get 30 minutes of emergency lighting – without lag time – every time power is lost. They have been dubbed “Place and forget” emergency lighting by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for their “no maintenance required” fail-safe performance.

Low Level Egress Products

When smoke fills hallways and drives evacuees to their knees for breathable air, these products combine to provide direction and reinforce that they are going the right way to get out alive. Low-level Path Markers meet the 2009 NFPA and ICC building codes, and the 2007 and 2010 California building codes.

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