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The Zero-Gravity Radiation Protection System, developed by CFI Medical, is a cutting edge radiation protection device that is superior to conventional lead aprons and their equivalents. Designed to protect caregivers from radiation exposure, the Zero-Gravity system is unique in that it doesn't weigh down the user like traditional protection technology. Absolutely no weight is placed on the body of the interventionalist as the Zero-Gravity system operates very smoothly along an X, Y, Z axis, requiring little effort. The device is designed with the end user in mind and creates a safe working environment for the patient and the caregiver. Heavy lead aprons lead to progressive back pain and can eventually cause irreversible damage to the spine. Zero-Gravity protects you from discomfort so you can continue to give comfort to your patients!


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Zero-Gravity Zero Weight

Unlike traditional radiation protection options, Zero-Gravity technology frees the interventionalist of all weight providing a safer, more comfortable work environment. Zero-Gravity can reduce short- and long-term orthopedic injuries caused by repeated use of heavy lead alternatives. Even when moving the device upwards, there is no sensation of weight.

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Zero-Gravity Zero restrictions

Zero-Gravity does not interfere with procedures. The System moves smoothly and multidirectionally allowing the interventionalist unrestricted movement within the work area.

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Zero Gravity
Zero Effort

A simple draping process is performed by one person in just a few seconds while the open, ventilated design of Zero-Gravity provides minimal contact with the interventionalist.

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Zero Gravity

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